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Looking for a wedding gift with meaning? Yes, a toaster is helpful, but so are the four others the bride and groom are bound to get. Why not give the happy couple something they can pull out 20 years from now, turn to their children and say, “Look at this. We got it for our wedding. Isn’t it lovely?” That’s something that will never be saidĀ about a cookie sheet.

Ringmasters offers a comprehensive temple gift line that makesĀ for meaningful, personal wedding gifts. Don’t forget about our engraving option for an even more personal touch!

Temple Ornaments (Over 60 temples available)



The Family: A Proclamation to the World


Temple Cameo Necklaces


Salt Lake Temple Pin


Endowment Bracelet


White Tie


Temple Prints

Ogden Temple at Dusk Picture_ IM57-208

Laser Engraved Crystal Cubes

Ogden Utah Temple Cube