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The Jesus I Know


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Virtually all committed Christians accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God, the Creator, the Holy Messiah, and the Savior of all mankind. Unfortunately, the greatest of all men is often portrayed in art and literature as a weak, passive man, or as a vengeful, angry god. For years the author, Dr. Robert Wolthuis, pondered and struggled with the question of who Christ really is. How can we as mere mortals relate to a man of such exalted stature?

Through his professional and church experiences, Dr. Wolthuis worked with and observed the power-brokers, the ordinary, and the down-trodden. As he visited several refugee camps, he saw thousands who practiced daily Christ-like charity and exemplified “doing it unto the least of these my brethren.” Dr. Wolthuis came to realize that the true nature of Christ could be found in the New Testament and began to compile the characteristics of an Omnipotent Creator who had spent most of His time with common, suffering, and struggling people.

In a compassionate, relatable tone, The Jesus I Know looks at Christ’s life through the eyes of those who sought Him as a means of healing. We can experience this same kind of relationship and be a dear friend of Jesus Christ if we choose to do so.

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