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Spiritual Resilience: Leading Our Youth to Go and Do


Latter-day youth and parents need spiritual resilience to face the future head-on. How do you get it? How do you teach it? Nephi had these same questions. His answers will lead your family to resilient faith. Raising youth who are Spirit-led and resilient requires parents who are Spirit-led and resilient. Christ can enable you to build faithful strength together with your children—in a way that uniquely fits your family. In Spiritual Resilience, author and youth leader Sharla Goettl uncovers Nephi’s insights for parents on how, as a teenager, he developed his powerful testimony of Christ. His message will impact how you teach your children. You will learn how to: Determine the next step in your situation Discover your unique role in God’s plan Fill the gaps in your faith Motivate youth to make righteous choices Act fearlessly by understanding your covenants Feel confident you can succeed with Christ’s help You can be exactly what your family needs—learning, as Nephi did, to prepare for an unpredictable future. Spiritual Resilience offers a blueprint for families to become spiritually prepared and committed to answering Jesus Christ’s call to “go and do." Get Spiritual Resilience today!

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