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Primary Grab Bags


This bundle include an assortment of bracelets, necklaces, silicone rings, bookmarks and zipper pullers.

1) Are you a primary teacher? For only $10, we'll send you 20 primary-themed pieces that you can use as incentives, gifts, or rewards for your children in your class. With so many allergies and food philosophies these days, I find it's best to stay away from treats all together. Kids LOVE these bendable rings, fun slap bracelets, and cool pencils. Trust me, I've been in primary for nearly five years and I always get a good reaction to these treasures.

2) Are you in the primary presidency? Create a treasure box that you can use to help enforce reverence. In my primary, we created and laminated reverence tickets. At the end of singing time, we choose one child (our primary is fairly small) that was reverent and give them a ticket. The child then turns the ticket into the bishop to get a prize! This helps the children view the bishop as someone friendly, and our bishop loves getting to know the children individually for just a minute. If that arrangement won't work in your ward, you can just keep the treasure box in your primary room and allow a child to pick from the box after church!

3) Do you have a missionary that is always surrounded by the primary children? We have SO MANY missionary moms flock to our clearance sale wanting to send their missionaries little trinkets that they can hand out. Let us help you with this service! For only $25, we'll send 50 pieces to your missionary, but here's the kicker, we'll take care of the shipping! Just type in the address of where in this wide world you want to send it, and we'll take care of shipping it there. We get special discounts with our shipping, so it will most likely be cheaper to ship through us rather than going to your local post office. Our website will automatically calculate the shipping prices, so you won't have any surprises there!

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