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Old Testament Stories


Stores live beyond generations. It is, in part, for that reason that the Almighty has created an enormous library of stores called the Holy Scriptures. For thousands of years, the children of God have read and applied those same stores to their own lives. Those stories are divine gift, conveying doctrine, principles, and examples of righteous living, or its opposite. Stories tend to stick in our minds, memories, and heart, instructing, inspiring, and edifying long after the first reading. I love the Old Testament because it is so real and so human. Its pages are full of real-life heroes and the worst stripe of villains. There are numerous layers of meaning embedded in each story, and this book represents decades of study, insight, and application. It is not a book expounding the doctrine and mysteries of the universe, It is not a study guide or a commentary. It is a testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ and the way He would have use live as taught in the Old Testament.

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