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My Baptism Handkerchief


Message: You have chosen to get baptized; to start your life anew, following in Christ's footsteps. For you know the Gospel's true, When our lives are clean and spotless. The Holy Ghost can guide; a companion and a prompter- He'll stay always at your side, For your reflections of today, I give a gift to you; Symbolic of these sacred vows, and of the Gospel true, so clean and white, this hanky- like you've become today. When you vowed to follow Jesus, and your sins were washed away, to follow in Christ's footsteps The commandments to obey to remember His atonement, and for repentance, pray, remember God is near you; His love for you is great, stay near the Straight and narrow path; Where lasting blessings wait.

Category: Gifts, Women

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