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Missing - A World War II Story of Love, Friendship, Courage and Survival - Soft Cover


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On Day 9 of the Battle of the Bulge, 2nd Lt. Donald N Evans was shot down behind enemy lines. Defying odds, he survived bailing out of his P-47 fighter plane seconds before it crashed. He limped and crawled through the snow-covered Ardennes Forest until after dark, trying to find a way back to the American front lines. Lost, cold, and hungry, Don spent Christmas Eve huddled under a pine tree, wondering if he’d ever see his family again. Ahead lay capture by German SS Troops, a 200-mile forced march, near starvation, abuse by guards, and internment in a German POW camp. His will to overcome nearly insurmountable odds is inspiring. That he actually did so is a miracle. 501 Pages

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