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Crisis preparedness Handbook


Crisis Preparedness Handbook 
A Comprehensive Guide to Home Storage
and Physical Survival 
by Patricia Spigarelli Aston & Jack A. Spigarelli 

This new, updated third edition gives you the tools you need to ensure safety and survival so you can be prepared for any disaster that comes your way.
You’ll learn how to: 

• Identify your crisis risk 
• Create a customized preparedness plan 
• Design a food-storage system that’s ideal for you 
• Safely store water and fuel 
• Tackle sanitation issues and communications breakdowns 
• Protect your home and family 

This book also gives you unique benefits you won’t see in other preparedness books, such as: 

• 5 Things You Can Do Now - Quick-start ideas in each
  chapter to get you going 
• Quick Checks - Checklists that help you
  evaluate options 
• Worksheets - Planning tools to optimize your
  preparedness plan 
• Resource Section - Reviews of unique products that
  help you prepare 
• Personally Speaking - Patricia’s tips, insights, and
  survival life-lessons 

You’ll love Crisis Preparedness Handbook because it gives you everything you need to confidently handle any crisis and feel the peace that comes with being prepared. 

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